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Maraka Healing Offerings

Dance/Movement therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of movement and body-oriented techniques aimed at supporting the integration of physical, emotional, social, historical, and spiritual aspects of your personhood.  

Somatic Wellness practices are body (soma)-oriented techniques and explorations which support you in cultivating, developing and honoring the practice of “inner listening” while increasing trust in your own sensorial experiencing and body presence.

Dance /movement-based and somatic wellness techniques and are offered to support BIPOC identified (Black Indigenous People of Color) individuals in the treatment of stress, emotional dysregulation, depression, anxiety, trauma and/or other psycho-spiritual stressors.

Individual 1-1 Session Fee: 50 mins: $175


  • Only virtual sessions are offered at this time
  • Limited sliding scale available–dependent on practitioner’s available spots

Our Community Support Groups (CSG) will be offered seasonally for a duration of three (3) months (twice a month). 

By participating in these support groups, you will be:


  • Gifting yourself of the opportunity to express yourself and manage difficult emotions, 
  • Receiving peer support in dealing with challenging life experiences,  
  • Reclaiming  your right to heal “in community” and to build a social support network. 
  • Learning valuable movement and somatic tools to help you sustain your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. 

A safe and accountable space will be co-created for BIPOC adults (21+) to support each other and explore an array of themes and life experiences. 

*Stay tuned for more information about our next CSG and and details about registration and fees.

Spiritual Life Coaching (SLC) is a holistic energy based model of coaching founded on principles of spirituality and science. It helps clients create lasting change by providing a supportive environment for optimal health, wellbeing, and transformation.

Recognizing that success looks different from person to person, the SL coach works in partnership with the client within a collaborative and strength-based approach to support progression towards their goals.

The practice is Holistic, Embodied-approach, Energy-Based, and Trauma-Informed.

Individual 1-1 Spiritual Life Coaching Packages: 

  • Package 1 –  4 sessions monthly plus text/vm/email support: $400.00
  • Package 2 – 3 sessions monthly plus text/vm/email support: $300.00
  • Package 3 – 2 sessions monthly plus text/vm/email support: $200.00


  • Only virtual sessions available

Based on the ancient science of spiritual energy healing in Kemet (Ancient Egypt), Ra Sekhi works with the power of life force energy to harmonize and restore energetic balance.

“Energy is not created nor destroyed…. It flows through our bodies like blood flows and it connects us with all of Nature” ~ Rekhit Kajara Nia Yaa Nebhet


  • Aritu/Chakra Reading and Alignment (60-75min): $125
  • Aura Cleansing (45min): $85
  • Kemetic Vocal Toning (45 min): $85


  • Distance healing and in-person healing sessions available
  • For in-person healing sessions, scheduling is 2 weeks in advance (location in the Bronx, NY)

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