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About Us


Our Approach

Founded in 2015, Maraka Healing is a movement and somatic psycho therapeutic group practice which integrates body-based practices and techniques influenced by African-Centered and psycho-spiritual perspectives.  We believe that in order to support black and brown bodies in the healing of emotional distress, mental health dis-eases and traumatic experiences, a cultural, psycho-spiritual, and anti-oppressive approach is essential to fully honor their personhood.   

As therapeutic/healing experiences take place, you will be supported and empowered to be the creator of your own healing journey. As a result, this journey has the potential to heal emotional/energetic blockages, break intergenerational cycles, create social change, or possibly be guided by a spiritual energy. We know and understand this process will look different from person to person, therefore, we are committed to support you in your unique path towards sustainable well-being and transformation. 

Our Values

  • Honoring the healing wisdom of your own story (ies)

  • Using a strength-based and non-pathological approach to therapy/healing 

  • Supporting connection to your embodied intelligence: the development and/or attunement to a body-based wisdom

  • Facilitating an empowered process: holding space for learning and affirming your own truth(s) and power(s)

  • Integrating a spiritually-informed approach: exploring spirit, spiritness, and spirituality and its role in your therapeutic/healing process

Ready to Get Started?

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