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Maraka Healing is a movement and somatic psychotherapeutic group practice which integrates body-based practices and techniques founded on African-Centered and psycho-spiritual perspectives.

We believe that in order to support black and brown bodies in the healing of mental health dis-eases and traumatic experiences, a cultural, spiritual, and anti-oppressive approach is essential to fully honor their personhood.

As therapeutic/healing experiences take place, you will be supported and empowered to be the creator of your own healing journey.

We know and understand this process will look different from person to person, therefore, we are committed to support you in your unique path towards sustainable well-being and transformation. 

What We offer

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Movement Psychotherapy & Somatic Wellness

Use of movement and body-oriented techniques to support you in integrating all aspects of your being.
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Community Support Groups

Reclaim your right to heal “in community,” while learning valuable movement and somatic tools to help you sustain your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.
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Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching is a holistic energy based model of coaching founded on principles of spirituality and science.
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Ra Sekhi (Kemetic) Energy Medicine

Based on the ancient science of spiritual energy healing in Kemet (Ancient Egypt), RaSehki works with the power of life force energy to harmonize and restore energetic balance
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What Connects Us

Our Approach to Your Healing

Mara Rivera, Founder of Maraka Healing

We offer therapeutic and holistic healing services to BIPOC clients from a cultural, spiritual, and trauma-informed lens in order to support your wellbeing and transformation.

You are empowered to be the creator of your own journey and trust your own body in order to heal from physical, emotional/psychological distress, traumatic experiencing or energetic constrictions.

We believe in honoring your personhood, your process, your multiplicity, and your humanity with compassion and care.

What our clients say

Client Testimonials

Our clients experience deep levels of transformation in different areas of their life.


I was feeling pain on the left side of my chest. My spiritual life coach shared with me about the left side of the body being the receiving side of the body and the right side to be the giving side. I felt the pain of not allowing myself to receive without guilt. On the contrary, I am always giving and overextending myself for others.

In addition to doing stretches, I made a personal note about giving and receiving and I’m paying attention to find balance. My pain is gone. I feel open and ready to give and receive.



“Maybe you should try a different *kind* of therapy,” a friend wisely suggested after I shared my frustrations with the several therapists I tried to see. That shift in perspective led me to Maraka Healing and I’ve been an appreciative client for six years and counting.

With María’s help: I moved through my immediate crisis, built a body/spirit-centered toolkit to navigate newer challenges as they arise, and identified the root of my mental/emotional issues. I can look to the frequency of our appointments as a marker of my continued progress; we went from weekly for years, then moved to bi-weekly, and now we have monthly maintenance appointments. I trust this wholistic practice will also support your healing and transformation!



I truly appreciate you, Mara. Your natural way of being an enthusiastic Gemini as well as your perspective Scorpio nature helps me trust your interest, understanding and kindness. You are energetic and relatable.

You come across as someone who has spent a lot of time studying in her field. I appreciate you and how you hold space as a therapist and healer.



The Afro-Caribbean Dance Healing System

The Afro Caribbean Dance Healing System (Rivera, 2018), later renamed “The Four Levels of Empowerment” (4LOE), is a holistic theoretical/therapeutic framework based on the development journey of my own ethno-racial-cultural-spiritual identity and research on cultural dance traditions in the Caribbean and the African Diaspora.

This work honors my ancestors, elders, teachers, and colleagues for their support, guidance, and wisdom.

~ From Maraka Healing Founder, Mara Rivera

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